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  2. The Personality of an Aquarius, Explained
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Because Aquarius is known to be more than a little distant and aloof, it's easy to see how they could be considered cold and out for themselves. But, just like every other zodiac sign, Aquarius has that innate need to cultivate strong relationships and friendships that last a lifetime.

Aquarius' 'Dark Side'

However, Aquarius wants to take their sweet time when cultivating these bonds to know for sure that they're real. Opening up to others is scary and when Aquarius thinks about the fact that they could change their mind at any second and decide that this isn't what they want, they would much rather take things slow and keep everyone at arm's length to protect themselves. Above all else, this aloof personality is a defense mechanism — not a way to show others that they only care about themselves. But preachy?

The Personality of an Aquarius, Explained

No way. Aquarius doesn't bring up these touchy subjects just because they like to hear themselves talk. What Aquarius really wants is to ignite a genuinely honest and open conversation with you. If they're asking you about your beliefs or your thoughts on something, it's because they care about what you think. This might incite a heated debate, of course, but an intelligent conversation is stimulating to Aquarius.

And don't worry, they listen as much as they talk, so getting into it with them is the furthest thing from preachy as you can get. This misconception might seem like it's contradicting the fact that Aquarians are free spirits, but the two are very different.

Best Aquarius Fun Facts images | Age of aquarius, Aquarius, Zodiac signs aquarius

Aquarius might seem like one of the more laid back signs that only cares about having a good time and not committing to anything, but inside this zodiac sign, there is a lot of contemplation going on. They're not one to control a situation or their friends, but they also want to show that they do care about what's going on, and what you get is a jumbled mix of emotions and contradictions that can make Aquarius feel stuck. Do they turn into the structured A-type personality and control everything? Or do they take a backseat and hope things work out?

Aquarius is very open-minded to pretty much anything life has in store for them, so while they might seem like they're always low-key and not at all dead set on things, it's really just them taking extra time to make the right decision in their head. But the only thing you see is the decision, which, a lot of the time, is acceptance for letting things come as they may.

Emily Ratay is a full-time writer living in Pittsburgh. She's passionate about the environment and feminism and knows that anything is possible in the right pair of shoes. Naysayers will quickly find out that Aquarians can be impatient, even temperamental, with those who disagree. Yes, these folks can be quite fixed in their opinions, in keeping with the fixed quality assigned to this sign.

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Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Powerful Saturn was considered the father of many gods in ancient Roman times, and was the original ruler of Aquarius. Uranus is the oldest of the gods in Roman mythology; this planet was discovered much later than Saturn and was only more recently assigned to this sign. The combination of these planetary energies is strong and vibrant. The element associated with the Aquarius sign is air , and that means the rarefied air of the intellectual.

Aquarians will accomplish much with their broad and logical minds, entertaining complex and scientific ideas for the betterment of all. That said, the Aquarius personality is also artistic and inventive. The fact that these folks can think so creatively and inventively is one of their greatest assets.


Water Bearers are all about progress and technology — they love the latest gadgets, gewgaws, computers, and next-generation technologies. Thanks to a genius that borders on insanity! They can be extremely shy and gentle, or they can be energetic and enthusiastic. They are the kinds who want to help the wholean excellent humanity before they help themselves. The Aquarius traits include a strong conviction in what they believe in. But they are also open to ideas from others and are gracious when they are at fault.

Their views are not biased and tolerant of people and their viewpoints. Their objective and rational thinking helps them find solutions to problems. Aquarius astrology shows them to be frank and dedicated people who do not fear to speak what is on their mind.

Aquarius traits

But they are sensitive and emotional and hurt pretty fast. Take this in-depth four elements personality quiz to understand it. Do You Have Good Karma? Try The Karma Quiz Now!! The Aquarius star sign individuals are known for their intellect and innovative thinking. Out of the box, ideas come easily to them. But even in this, they have a logical and systematic way of going about it.

They love learning about new things and increase their knowledge. The Aquarius horoscope predicts that the Water Bearers are blessed with an inherent sense of being just and righteous. They will always fight for people who are being harassed, irrespective of their problems. They are imaginative and optimistic that their ideas will see the light of the day.

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  4. Being a humanitarian comes them naturally. The Aquarius personality loves their privacy and usually do not mix much with others. They need to meditate on their thoughts and actions by themselves. They do not do things just for the sake of doing. Behind everything they do, there will definitely be a reason.

    The Aquarius zodiac sign is often accused of being emotionally cold and uninterested in people. They remain aloof from other people and are very unlikely to indulge in any group activity. Although they may go all out to help you if you land up in trouble, you should be guarded if you think the Aquarian is emotionally warming up to you.