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  2. Australian Astrology – a New Interpretation – Native Symbols
  3. Which Aussie Animal Matches Your Zodiac Sign?
  4. Australian Zodiac Signs consists of the 12 popular animal signs.

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There are many ways for one to discover their spirit animal. But first, what exactly is a spirit animal? Well, the truth is a spirit animal can mean different things to different people. For some, it is a sort of totem — one that guides and protects you through life. Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac, represents energy as well as turbulence. An Aries is always in search of speed and competition. The Aries are usually natural born leaders and independent beings but are also known to be egoistic and sometimes impulsive. The spirit animal of Aries is the cheetah. Known as the fastest land animal in the world, its need for speed matches that of an Aries.

These solitary animals are independent, with female cheetahs raising their cubs on their own for a year before their young journeys off on their own. Did You Know: The cheetah has an average of between 2, to 3, spots on their body making them a master at the art of camouflage.

Australian Astrology – a New Interpretation – Native Symbols

Taurus is known for being faithful, loving and extremely affectionate. Their steadfastness makes them extremely dependable and trustworthy. However, Taurus is also extremely stubborn and inflexible. They are averse to change, making it sometimes difficult to work with them. Polar bears are the largest land carnivores in the world. They are patient and strong — allowing them to withstand extreme weather conditions in the Arctic. Like the Taurus, they can be aggressive when provoked. Did You Know: Polar bears are actually black! Just like the twins in the astrological sign, there are many faces to a Gemini.

On one hand, the Gemini people are intelligent and adaptable to situations. They are curious and inquisitive beings that are always ready to learn new things and experience new environments. On the other hand, Gemini is also known to be superficial, forming opinions without having an in-depth understanding of the situation.

A reflection of the typical characteristics found in Geminis, the fox is also clever and witty. The curious nature of the fox leads it to roam and investigate its surrounding. The fox is also energetic and quick on its feet but can sometimes be impulsive and devious.

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Did You Know: The arctic fox is known to be able to handle the cold far better than most animals. It is able to withstand the cold up until degrees Celsius! Cancers are perhaps the most intriguing of the horoscope signs simply because it is naturally reserved. Individuals born under the Cancer sign are intuitive and sentimental. They are family-driven, sensitive, emotional and sympathetic.

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  • While it is difficult for a Cancer to open up to others, they are very attached to those they are close to. They will generally lend a helping hand to others in conflict but are just as quick to avoid any kind of conflict. Tortoises retreat into their shell when in unfamiliar surrounding and will only emerge once they feel safe. These gentle beings are emotional yet wise.

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    • Did You Know : Many tortoise species outlive humans, but the Giant Aldabra tortoise has one of the longest lifespans, of up to two centuries long! Those born under this astrological sign are usually outgoing and thrives in a social setting, where their friends are many and loyal. Leos are also known to be generous and often possess a good sense of humor. However, they can also be stubborn and arrogant. When left unchecked, Leos can become self-centered.

      The spirit animal of a Leo is, without a doubt, the lion — king of the jungle.

      Which Aussie Animal Matches Your Zodiac Sign?

      Just like the Leo, lions are dominant and strong and leaders of the pack. They want to do things now. However, people need effort to establish long term relationship with them. They are also good at keeping secrets. Whatever they do, they do it with all their strength. They have tremendous fortitude and great honesty.

      Australian Zodiac Signs consists of the 12 popular animal signs.

      It is sociable and looks after its family. Platypuses are unique and reserved to their own habitat. They are also very selective in their choice for homes. They are brave and also protective of their own kind. The 22 card deck was published in Australia in Nine Lives Tarot. The Nine Lives Tarot is a card reinterpretation of classic tarot imagery from the artist's perspective and personal symbology. The deck connects the nine lives of cats with the tarot's depiction of life's cyclic movement.

      The direct, colour-saturated illustrations were created with a combination of ink drawing and digital painting. Self-published and available direct from the artist. Oracle of the Dragonfae. The Oracle of the Dragonfae has 43 cards with rather pretty illustrations of goddesses, gods, dragons, winged fitures and fantastical characters.

      It is attributed to Australian deck creator, Lucy Cavendish, but actually has cards contributed by seven different artists. Oracle of the Dreamtime. The Oracle of the Dreamtime is not only an oracle but a collection of contemporary Australian Aboriginal art. It's a very well-researched deck and the artwork and symbology is based on authentic Aboriginal Dreamings.

      Oracle Tarot. The Oracle Tarot is a colourful deck intended to present Tarot in a positive and upbeat manner.


      The deck has only 64 cards: there are no court cards. Osho-Zen Tarot. Based on the transcendental game of Zen, the Osho Zen Tarot is a non-traditional deck of 79 cards. There are many changes that suit the Zen theme, including one extra major arcana card for Osho, and four suits of fire, clouds, water, and rainbows. The cards span the range of human experience, from the stunningly beautiful to the ridiculous and mundane. Power Stone in My Pocket. Power Stone in My Pocket is a set of 36 affirmation cards designed for children, and adults connecting with the child within.

      Each card has a gentle illustration representing one of the four elements, and a message of love, support and confidence on the reverse. Priestess Moon Oracle. The deck was created by Australian artist Megan Fraser, and is a selection of her artworks spanning over 20 years. Self-published and available in a limited edition of sets. Southern Cross Oracle.

      Each card was dot painted with the end of a feather, and features local flora and fauna, landmarks, and sacred spaces. This self-published edition has since sold out, but it's now available in a mass-market edition as the Dreamtime Reading Cards. TAO Oracle. The Tao Oracle is a visual approach to the I Ching, in 64 cards. Tarot and You. The Tarot and You is a majors-only deck and book set for beginners from Australian astrologer and writer, Lindel Barker Revell. The attractive large-size cards are printed on rather thin cardstock. The Garden Path. The cards feature Australian scenery, birds and animals, as well people close to the creator.

      Now available in a limited edition handmade set of 22 cards. Universal Love Cards. A deck for inspiration, guidance and healing. Watersprite Tarot.

      Why Australian Animals Are So Weird?: Aussie Animal Trivia