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Particularly with the square, the Moon person might tend to complain and dump emotional hurts and frustrations on the Mars person. The Mars person has a way of pulling out dependency in the Moon person. Resentment towards one another, over time, is likely. This is a very temperamental combination. A trine or sextile between the Moon and Mars is a powerful indicator of attraction. It brings much mutual fascination, and is especially strong with the trine. The relationship has a very animated and lively quality. While the Moon person has a soothing and calming effect on the Mars person, the Mars person encourages Moon to be brave and confident.

Through each other, the individuals learn much about their instincts and needs. Although the couple tends to argue perhaps more than most, they extract joy and emotional reward from the interactions. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology. The personal planet person is most likely to idealize, romanticize, or otherwise assign qualities to the Neptune person that are exaggerated or imagined altogether.

The Neptune person can also do the idealizing. The relationship can begin with great enthusiasm, but it can end with bitter disappointment or emotional pain. There can be an ongoing sense of needs not being met, of longing, of chasing a dream that never seems to completely fulfill itself. There is something there that seems to need to be played out.

Karmic & Soul Mate Connections in Astrology

There is a back-and-forth in which the personal planet person might unwittingly encourage the Neptune person to deceive or mislead. In fact, in some and perhaps many scenarios, the Neptune person attempts to mirror the enthusiasm of the personal planet person, and to live up to his or her expectations.

With a natal Venus-Neptune square, and involvements with friends and romantic partners who always seemed to be born in the years surrounding my birth year and whose Neptune thus squared my Venus, I feel like I have experienced most of the possible scenarios of Venus-Neptune relationships. Although I have played the role of the personal planet person, in this case Venus, mostly, I have also done the Neptune role, so I do have some sympathy for both sides. I had a friendship with a woman with whom I parted shortly after I separated from my husband.

She was completely hurt that I announced to her that I was separating, with no warning that things were going in that direction. The truth of the matter is, I had not warned her at all that I was having problems, and she felt that as her best friend, this was on some level a crime.

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With retrospect, I realized that I had fed her idea that we my ex-husband and I were the perfect couple, simply by not contradicting her when she made such statements and observations. I never claimed that we had a perfect relationship, so this was more of an error of omission. There were two reasons I gave myself for allowing her to believe that my marriage was fabulous. I believed that if I complained about my husband, my friends and family would take my side, and there are always two sides to the same story.

I thought it respectful to keep problems between us, and to deal with them in that fashion. So, when she confronted me with the idea that I had deliberately kept things from her, I felt frustrated that I had to defend myself for my choice, preferring that she trust me that I was not separating just for kicks—that I had valid reasons.

Synastry: Mercury-Mars Aspects

Errors of omission are Neptunian. Denial and procrastination can also be considered deceptive, depending on who is doing the judging.

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The person who is taking on the role of Neptune may not be using deceptive practices deliberately or consciously. For example, the Venus person might turn a blind eye to certain traits or activities of the Neptune person. After a few such incidents, the partner might decide to avoid saying these things altogether, and thus feeds the illusion. I have discussed a problem with a man I know that he has been having with his wife, with whom he is separating from. Another scenario involves a woman who is still very much hung up on a man who she was seeing on and off for about 2 years.

Mars Saturn Aspects in Synastry

The man stopped contacting her completely, without an explanation. It has been 3 years since the relationship ended, and although she has continued to date other people, she always brings up this man. The relationship ended, but it was not dissolved in her mind, and she drove herself crazy trying to figure out what happened. She even told me that she feels like he is a dark cloud hanging over her, preventing her from moving on.

Challenged Neptune in Relationships – Synastry

So, there can be an ongoing struggle. The problem may be that our own expectations of ourselves are set too high, not only the expectations from the Neptune partner. The opposition is the least difficult of these aspects, in fact, because with oppositions, there is more awareness of why the conflict exists and a give and take is possible as a result.

You might enjoy challenging one another, but whether you are rivals or foes is the question. The square can stimulate much tension. In working relationships especially, there can be a need to work independently before coming together, as joint efforts can stimulate impatience. In any relationship, allowing one another space to pursue separate interests will be very important.

You might often find that you provoke or push each other, and you should make special effort to bring more tenderness and understanding into the relationship. Soft aspects from yin planets and bodies, such as Venus and the Moon, can help smooth over rough edges. Excess energy generated between you can too easily turn to irritation, impatience, and argument. Being active together or pursuing separate interests are important. Watch for destructive behaviors, as they need to be tamed as much as possible. The trine and sextile create a different energy.

Inner rhythms are in rapport.